Why making this blog

I’m passionate about knowledge sharing and learning about game engine programming. At the same time, I see lack of animation programming materials in general, this being books and blogs. This is an attempt to give away something to gamedev industry and a way for me to learn through experimenting. The blog is non-profit, focused on education.

What you may find here

I’m interested in audio-visual aspects of storytelling: this includes graphics, audio, and animation. Because I’m an engine/animation programmer, most of the topics covered here will be related to engine and animation programming. For that, I’m developing my home project, which is a simple engine for animation and rendering, where I can experiment with some ideas. However, I’m also interested in the artistic side of game development so you might spot a post or two about something completely different.

Who am I

My name is Adam Dutkiewicz. I’ve started my gamedev adventure with Memory of Soul, a project made by students at the Technical University of Lodz in Poland. We made every mistake a fresh team of wannabe game developers could possibly make. A fantasy RPG without having much of experience as a first project ever. We failed. But we learned a lot during that time. Sometimes we laugh that as a result of that, some of us (including myself) are now working in a company, that made a fantasy RPG without having much of experience as a first project ever – CD Project RED.

I’ve started my professional work as an engine programmer at CD Project RED, working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansion packs. My deep dive into animation programming started during Cyberpunk 2077 early development. Eventually, I had a pleasure to lead a team of animation programmers. I continue my adventure with animation at CD Projekt RED. Any opinions presented by me at this blog are not reflecting opinions of CD Project RED. The main purpose of this blog is personal development as well as knowledge exchange. I cannot confirm nor deny that any of the solutions presented here are in use for any game made by CD Project RED.

You can also find me on Twitter @AdamAure.

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